Live Launch of Women in Nuclear - India (WiN-India)

Chief Guest : Dr R. B. Grover

Member, Atomic Energy Commission

Launch for Women In Nuclear India chapter. Eminent women from Indian nuclear sector will join together to launch this initiative.

Launched on Aug 15, 2020 18h00 IST

Marie Curie

French-Polish physicist

Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the first person to win two Nobel Prizes, the only woman to win in two fields, and the only person to win in multiple sciences. Awards that she received include: Nobel Prize in Physics .

Shakuntla Devi

Indian Writer

Shakuntala Devi was an Indian writer and mental calculator, popularly known as the "Human Computer". Devi strove to simplify mathematics for students. Her talent earned her a place in the 1982 edition of The Guinness Book of World Records.

Vandana Shiva

Indian scholar

Vandana Shiva is an Indian scholar, environmental activist, food sovereignty advocate, and anti-globalization author. Shiva, currently based in Delhi, has authored more than twenty books.

Dr. Zarin Turel

Nuclear Chemistry Educator, Researcher

Zarin Rustom Turel, Indian nuclear chemistry educator, researcher. Certified in radio and nuclear chemistry. Recipient Bharat Nirman award, Bombay, 1995, Vidya Ratna award ICME, Bombay, 1996, Silver Jubilee Oration award IIMS, Delhi, 1997. Joint secretary Indian Council Management Executives, Bombay, since 1992; member National Council Senior Citizens, Bombay, since 1994. Member IANCAS (vice president 1980-1983), INS, Lions Club (honorary).